Photogrammetry with Drones and 360 Panoramic Cameras

Discover the innovative potential of photogrammetry performed with drones and 360 panoramic cameras and unlock the power of high-precision 3D modeling. Explore a new dimension of possibilities with 3Dimensions Discovery.

Advanced solutions

Our photogrammetry service provides an advanced solution for collecting 3D data, applicable for both exterior and interior environments, using drones and 360 panoramic cameras. This methodology allows us to obtain precise and detailed data, essential in areas such as urban planning and infrastructure development.

Precision and Efficiency

We are committed to delivering detailed solutions to our clients, supporting the creation of complex street maps and captivating urban virtual tours. Our ability to generate urban virtual tours opens new perspectives in presenting urban spaces, facilitating a better understanding and interaction with the urban environment.

Let us handle

Focus on what is important to you while we take care of
your photogrammetry, 3D modeling, and architecture needs.


We discuss with clients and establish the requirements and objectives of the project.


We use 360 panoramic cameras to create detailed Street Maps and to capture comprehensive imagery of buildings, ensuring broad coverage and a complete perspective of urban environments.


We transform the collected data into captivating urban and building virtual tours, providing valuable support for engineers, architects, and urban planners.


We create customized virtual design solutions that cater to the unique requirements of your projects, offering a tailored approach that supports engineers, architects, and urban planners in their work


We deliver immersive urban and architectural virtual tours, leveraging Lidar scanning technology to provide comprehensive support for engineering, architectural, and urban planning applications