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3D modeling plays a crucial role in the planning and design of infrastructure and buildings, allowing us to create detailed and accurate three-dimensional models. These models can be used to visualize structures before construction, identify any potential issues prior to starting the project, and communicate more effectively with clients and other members of the design team. Our specialized laser scanning equipment ensures submillimeter accuracy and extensive coverage, delivering realistic 3D models for construction, restoration, architecture, mining, and environmental monitoring.
3D model: Exquisite details of a historic 1900s house
Our TLS service offers customized solutions of the highest quality to meet your specific needs. Generating accurate plans, sections, and facades is essential in various design fields, whether it’s building construction, land development, or landscape design. By utilizing advanced technologies, we can obtain precise data about the existing terrain or structures and transform them into detailed and accurate plans, which are vital in the design and construction process.

3D Modeling

Our team of 3D modeling specialists and experts in generating plans, sections, and facades utilizes the latest equipment, including laser scanners, drones, and other advanced technologies, to collect precise and detailed data about structures and terrains. This data is then processed to create 3D models and detailed plans that are used in the design and construction of infrastructure and buildings.


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Immerse yourself in the revolutionary world of Terrestrial LiDAR Scanning (TLS) and unlock the full potential of precision mapping and modeling. Our advanced TLS technology allows for highly accurate and detailed 3D scanning of the built environment, capturing every intricate detail with exceptional precision.

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We discuss with clients and establish the requirements and objectives of the project.


We use high-performance 3D scanning equipment to capture the surrounding environment.


We process the scanned data to create detailed 3D models and design plans.


Tailored designs for your specific project needs.


We deliver architectural models obtained through 3D scanning and engineering surveying.